Being in Charge of Your Own Special Day: All Bride Needs to Know About Wedding Day

Yes, being married is lucky especially if you are the bride. You can say to yourself that at last your single life will already end and be with the person you really love. Well, you can think about that later on after you have ironed everything before your wedding day.

Wedding day is a big event in addition to everybody is really excited. Don’t hide your excitement because it is just natural. It is also natural to feel a little nervous especially it will be your first time to meet the family members of your partner. Well, the premise of getting married is really sweet but in fact, it isn’t because things can get stressful along the way especially when dealing with small details of your wedding– theme, food, design, bridesmaid, guests, catering and many more.

Wedding PreparationThere are so many things that all brides must know about their wedding day. The first thing on the list is how to organize things. Most couples do hire wedding organizer or consultant before deciding for the matters related to the wedding and to help them get perfect wedding vendors. This is not a bad option because a professional help really does matter along the way. But still, as a bride, you will have the biggest role. It is your wedding, not the consultant’s wedding, so you must be in charge or has the final say.

You cannot get married without your bridesmaid. Choosing bridesmaid may take time for other couples so you need to think about it ahead of time. Choose the people who are close to your heart. If you do not have time, you can also ask assistance from your mother. A mother will always know who the people you value the most are.

When planning to get your ensemble, make sure that you have something in mind, a theme. The ensemble will represent you as a whole. Having a theme will make things easier because other elements will just synchronize. Other brides get excited with their wedding so they already have their dress made 6 months before the special day.

Well, this is a good idea, but not really recommended because you might change the theme as the wedding closes by. Also, one can also gain or lose weight before the final day comes. This case also applies to the bridesmaid. Sometimes, they could not fit on their dress because their sizes were different 6 months ago.

A week before the wedding, there must be a run through. Make sure that there is a wedding rehearsal and blocking so that everything will be orderly during the final event. This might sound traditional, but it is one of the many ways to maintain the perfect ambiance of the wedding day.

Make sure that the bridesmaid has already tried their dresses. Fitting is important so that if there are some necessary changes, they will be given a remedy. The above mentioned citations are just small things that all brides must need to know about their wedding day. Organizing things ahead of time will ensure that that wedding will carry on as planned—no stress and worries.

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