10, March 2014

3 Factors That Affect the Rate of Wedding Limo Service in Houston TX

Wedding Limo Service Rate

Wedding limousine Houston services can be expensive but if convenience, comfort and glamour are what really you look for on your big day, why not go for it. Even if you are willing to spend more cash for this type of wedding transportation, it is still important to be aware on how its coverage can add up to a certain amount, www.limoandtowncar.us/ offer information about limo that you need.

There are several factors that affect the cost of wedding limo service in Houston TX. Below are the three of the primary factors that can determine how much you have to pay for this service.

First on the list is the size of the limousine you choose. Surely, you would want a bigger limousine to be able to fit your entire wedding party. There are three sizes of limousine you can choose from. Smaller limos which can carry up to six passengers, medium-sized with up to twelve passengers, and large Houston limos with up to thirty passengers. The bigger is the fleet, the higher the cost.

Aside from the size of the vehicle, its style and year can also affect its hiring cost. Newer models of limousines are more expensive than the ones that are four years older. Always ask for the year and style of the limousines available since each company that provides of wedding limo service Houston TX charge differently.

Third on the list is the number of hours you will need the service. Typically, three hours is the minimum when it comes to wedding packages. Even if you will only need the limo service for less than the standard minimum, you are still required to pay for the whole three hours and this include even the time you are not inside the fleet. Make sure that you have an accurate estimated time of hours you will need the wedding limo service to prevent paying more than you should.

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