5, March 2014

3 Types of Limo Service in Austin TX that Customers Could Choose

Kinds Of Limo Service in Austin

Are you planning to use a limo service on your prom, wedding party or business meeting? If yes, that is a great choice because a limo is the best luxury car out there that is being widely used by high ranking officials, politicians, celebrities and other famous personalities. But don’t you know that there are three types of limo rental Austin TX that you could choose depending on your needs?

The most common type of limo is the sedan. This is basically classified as the smallest limo that one could use during a business travel or engagement. Since it is the smallest limo, the price is also generally lower compared to the bigger ones. It could fit two to three people inside and has a comfortable compartment. This fits very well to the needs of people who do not want to take a cab when going to an important event. If you want a luxury car yet you want to save more money, this sedan limo will serve its purpose well. The usual sedan limo that fits the description above is the Lincoln town car.

If you will be going to an event with your group of friends—usually composed of ten people—stretch limo is perfect. This type of limo is the extension of the sedan model; the only difference is the length— this model is basically stronger. This limo has three variations, the 6-pack, 8-pack and 10-pack.

If the needs have exceeded ten people, you will need super stretch Towncar and Bentley models. You can also get super stretch limo models from Escalades, Hummers, Excursions and others. This type of limo can accommodate a maximum of 20 people. This type of limo is fancy because you can avail it in different colours. The most popular colour is pink, a hot trend among big parties.

Now that you have an idea about three types of Austin limousine service, you can pick depending on your needs. Travel with style with the limo you have personally hand-picked.

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