22, January 2016

6 Engagement Photo Session Tips to Get Interesting Photos for Engagement Photographers in Houston, Texas

How to Capture Interesting Engagement Photos

Engagement photographs have the power to create widespread awareness of the couple’s upcoming wedding. As one of the engagement photographers in Houston, Texas, it’s very important that you do a thorough research about the best tips to get interesting engagement photos that will satisfy the couple’s needs for their engagement photographs. Follow these creative and trending tips on how to shoot engagement photos that will surely impress everyone.

PhotographerFirst, get the know the couple in advance. Meet them over a cup of coffee, over lunch, or visit them at their residence. This will give you an idea about the personality of the couple, the intensity of spark that connects them, and their attitude towards those who would ask them to do things that they don’t normally do. Get a feel of their chemistry and personality and use these to create interesting photos of them.

Second, allow the couples to be connected with each other. Watch out for their natural gestures that speak of their intimacy and connectedness. Then use these to get real, intimate images of them. Remember that if a couple feels awkward doing the poses that you want, it will show in the photographs as well. The more connected and natural they are, the more relaxed and real the images will be.

Third, focus on the couple’s expressions of love. Engagement photos are completely different from the usual family photo shoot or portrait shots. Always remember that the overall theme of engagement images is going to be love. Thus, make the couple comfortable and allow them to be playful, silly, and even touchy-feely. These shots are proven to be more interesting and personal.

Fourth, use the “burst mode” technique. In most cases, the couple will feel nervous and awkward while being taken pictures. Make them believe that you’re taking them pictures already and say “Done!” In the next few seconds, the couple will loosen up, smile and laugh at each other. These are the moments that you should capture more than anything because these are the moments when they are relaxed and natural.

Fifth, be vocal with the couple. This is the most important tip that every engagement photographer Houston TX should keep in mind. Be vocal with the couple because in most cases they would feel nervous and awkward. Tell a few jokes and create a warm and friendly atmosphere. The ultimate secret to getting interesting photographs is when the subjects are feeling comfortable and show their natural expressions.

Finally, location is key. Do a research and prepare yourself a list of interesting places and locations that you can suggest to the couple. Be open also for their suggestions and especially their wants and be willing to consider anything they say.

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