27, August 2015

A Groom’s Guide When Buying the Best Shoes for His Wedding

Tips in Buying a Pair of a Groom’s Shoes

In most wedding planning, most of the attention is given to the preparation of the wedding venue, wedding dress, reception, among others. This goes for the groom’s needs too.

Groom ShoesOne of the most important details that every groom should ensure to make him look at his best on the day of his wedding is his shoes. So before you pick a pair of shoes for your wedding, follow these tips in choosing what kind of shoe design will work best on your suit.

Formal or casual

Generally, the choice of shoes for grooms depend on level of formality of the event. If the wedding is formal, which could mean done at a classic venue such as at a church or grand ballroom, a classic black dress shoes is the ideal choice. And this will look best with a tuxedo. However, for less formal ceremonies, you can wear dress oxfords in grey or brown colour.


When it comes to the colour of your shoes, black shoes are the traditional pick especially for formal wedding event. However, modern grooms are more confident in wearing shoes of other colours other than black. For grooms who want something different, navy, tan, and brown are popular choices.


Basically, this is your primary consideration when picking the best shoes for your wedding. Take note that you’ll be wearing this shoes for several hours on your wedding day, which means that they should be comfortable. Pick shoes that have low heel to lessen pressure when standing and one that is neither tight nor loose.


If you’re planning to have a dance number at your wedding reception, you would need to pay particular attention to the kind of shoes that you pick. Hence, you should find shoes that have soles that can handle dancing or movements without being too sticky or too slick.

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