23, February 2016

Guidelines when Hiring a Catering Company in Detroit, MI for an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding Catering Information

Summer is one of the favorite seasons to celebrate weddings. Many couples love to exchange their wedding vows under the heat of the summer sun, like in a beach, lake, and garden or by the pool. It is actually great to bring the celebration outdoors so that there is enough space for everyone to sit down, dine, and relax with other guests. However, summer is also one of the difficult seasons to deal with when it comes to the food.

Wedding CateringCouples must be considerate with the food to prepare and serve on their wedding because the heat temperature can spoil the food. Are you actually thinking of hiring a company for wedding catering in Detroit, MI? A professional catering company will give you a guarantee that someone will prepare and serve the food for you to your guests. Yet how can you be sure that they are professional enough to handle the food under such weather? It is best to find out about the following first from your caterer to avoid facing hassles during the wedding.

Does the caterer take regular food temperature readings?

If your wedding reception will be outdoors, most probably the food will be placed and served outdoors. What are the food items you have chosen? Are there hot and cold in the menu? These are the kind of food items that must be remain hot and cold until it is served. Otherwise, the guests would suffer from stomachache or worse food poisoning. It is necessary to ask this from your caterer, in order to keep an eye on foods to be out of the temperature danger zone. Ask on how they handle hot and cold dishes before these are served to the guests.

How do you deal with bugs and insects?

You can’t totally eliminate bugs and insects from food. On the other hand, there are ways to prevent the insects and bugs from getting into the food to make sure it won’t spoil. This could actually happen to foods that are served in buffet style. The dishes and other food items are displayed in catering trays and dishes and often left unattended. Whether the guests are serving themselves or not, there should be someone who should keep the trays and dishes guarded. If the lunch or dinner has not started yet, the trays and dishes must be kept close first.

How do you keep the cold dishes cold?

Having ice on hand is necessary for an outdoor catered wedding reception. Whether it is for salad, desserts or for beverages, there should be enough ice for everyone and for the dishes. Any company of wedding catering in Detroit, MI must be responsible in keeping your dishes hot and cold until served to the guests. How would you feel if the Shirley Temple drink served to you is as warm as your soup? A wedding can be a lengthy event, so there should be enough supply of ice to last through the celebration. Remember that if it is a summer wedding, your guests will need something to drink to cool them down.

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