9, June 2014

Indian Weddings Food for Vegetarians and Non Vegetarians

Dishes Served To Guests during Indian Weddings

When it comes to spices, Indian cuisine is one of the best and most popular one that you can find in the world. From appetizers to its most exotic dishes, each one is created rich with culture and style that you will only find in India. That is why when it comes to Indian wedding events, not only the group pictures, rituals done before and during the ceremony will impress you but also its grand feast of Indian weddings food for the guests, for more reliable vendors, desiweds.com/recommended-vendors/indian-wedding-catering/.

Indian weddings food use various kinds of spices, herbs, vegetables, fish meat, and more that can satisfy every palate. Appetizers are given as a welcome treat to the guests in the reception. It could be kebabs and pakoras. Usually, finger foods are served as snacks before the full course meal. As for refreshment, lassi that can be made from different flavors can also be done. Lassi is a drink made form yogurt with spices and fruit flavors most common in India and Pakistan.

The best feature of Indian weddings food is that dishes are served to suit the taste of both the vegetarian and non vegetarian. Delights are prepared for dinner that covers anything you would love to eat. From the salad, rice, Indian Dal as your comfort food, and chappati which is unleavened flat bread, you get to have a taste of how delicate Indian foods are even at its simplest form.

Other dishes served for Indian weddings are Shahi paneer which is thick gravy consists of spices, cream and potatoes. Another one is the Paklak paneer which is a curry made form spinach. Rajma is also one of the most popular Indian dishes made with thick gravy filled from red kidney beans, spices, rice ad roti. All three dishes above are great delights for vegetarian guests. As for non-vegetarians, dishes with chicken and lamb are always anticipated.

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