28, September 2015

Knowing the Process of San Diego, CA Clarity Enhanced Loose Diamonds for Wedding

Enhancing Low Grade Diamond

loose diamonds for weddingDon’t have enough cash for your wedding diamond ring? Worry not because there is a modern solution to your problem. Nowadays, one can simply get low grade loose diamonds for wedding in San Diego, CA and have it enhanced in the local jewelry shop.

The process will really surprise you because it is very possible to elevate the grading of a low grade stone. So, how does the process work? According to experts, there are two methods in order to enhance or beautify a certain stone. The enhancer will decide which among the two methods will be used to make your low grade diamond look clean and brilliant. Here are the two methods in no particular order:

(1) Feather filling in microscopic level

Every best place to buy diamonds in San Diego has its imperfections and one of them is having feathers. If a stone has lots of feathers, it means its carat weight is affected. So, the equation goes this way: the more feathers the stone has the lighter it becomes. The process will not improve the carat of the stone but it will fill the gap that causes its imperfection. The filling is resilient even though the temperature reaches 1,480 Fahrenheit.

(2) Laser drilling

Some diamonds may have black inclusions inside, but worry not because an infrared laser can be able to remove them. The infrared laser used in the enhancement process is selective only for black inclusions so it does not affect other elements of the diamond when treated in a microscopic level. Aside from treating the black inclusions, the laser has also its effect on the diamond’s quality. The infrared laser makes the diamond full, beautiful and clean.  

This type of technique is widely practiced by most jewelry shops all over the state, so you now have the chance to upgrade your low grade loose diamonds for wedding in San Diego, CA without spending too much cash.

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