18, December 2014

Making the Stone Look Bigger When Getting Custom Engagement Rings in Houston TX

How to Make the Diamond Seem Big

ringBefore wedding you need to propose to your fiance. Each girl dreams of receiving a unique looking engagement ring from their partner. Of course, the idea of being surprised is a plus. But what could surprise a bride-to-be even more is to be offered of an engagement ring with a huge rock on it. On the other hand, not all guys could afford to spend all their hard earned money to buy a ring with a gigantic rock. For this reason, guys opt for custom engagement rings in Houston, TX. This idea gives a personalized touch to the ring that many girls adore. Well how about the size of the stone, how are you able to make the girl’s eyes widen when she sees a tiny stone? So here are some ideas you could bring with you.

Get the cut done well. Gemologists say that a well-cut diamond will have proper angles and facets that make it look brilliant and larger. You really can’t tell through your naked eyes that a diamond was cut well. To find out, you will need a trained gemologist to help you. Round diamonds on the other hand have cut grades that determine if it is an excellent cut or not. If a gemologist is not around, trust yourself to find a brilliant and sparkling diamond and judge if it is a well-cut diamond.

Slim prongs can do it. This is a clever idea but effective in making the stone look larger in a ring like those you can see in many engagement ring store Houston. Think about maximizing the center stone and minimize the other elements. Slim or discreet prongs will make way for the diamond’s surface to appear larger than being covered by prongs. You might want to task help from the custom ring designer to guide you prong settings.

The white metal reflects. You need to make up your mind on this one, because if your partner is expecting a rose gold metal or yellow gold metal setting, this is not for you. However, a platinum setting or white metal is a good choice to make the stone look larger as it reflects the translucent color and brilliance of the stone. In short, it gives an optical illusion in making a bigger stone.

These are just three ideas, but you might want to ask your ring designer about how to make the stone look larger when you start searching for custom engagement rings in Houston, TX.

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