15, May 2014

Why Parks Are Top Places to Take Wedding Pictures in Winter NYC

Parks to Visit in New York City for Your Wedding Photo Shoot

What do you usually do in a park? You go for a walk with your dog, play sports with your friends, or have a date picnic with your special someone. Parks are also an ideal place for special photo shoots. For each season of the year, you will see how parks possess scenery that is best for backdrops.  That is why it would be an extraordinary experience to have a wedding photography during winter. It may give you chills but will surely give you amazing results that you think you will only see from your dreams. Below are the top places to take wedding pictures in winter in NYC for your wedding day if parks are what you search for.

First on the list is the Central Park located on Manhattan. With many wonderful structures to offer you such as bridges like the 110th St. Bridge and the Balcony Bridge. Both will surely give you the effect like you have time traveled on your wedding photos. Its popular spots like the Sheepshead Meadow or Bethesda Fountain with the crowd are also charming to see as your backdrop.  You can also go to its Arthur Ross Pinetum and Azalea Pond. It is one of the popular local wedding photographers that a lot of couples opt for.

You may not be aware but Riverside Park also has a lot to offer with its 330 acres of land. Plus, with only few people passing by, it would make your wedding photo shoot go smoothly than you think. Amazingly, it is also a stunning waterfront park in Manhattan. Have its frozen look during winter on your wedding photos. Maybe it is your wedding album that can make it belong to the top places to take wedding pictures in winter in NYC

Carl Schurz Park is also a spot you should not miss. Located in Yorkville, it has a great long walk of stairs that will look good with snow on its side while you are posing with your bride or groom. Towering trees also surround its boardwalk and it is something that you should include on one of your photos for your wedding.

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