13, November 2015

Perfect Honeymoon Activities for Newlyweds

List of Activities for Newlyweds

weddingWedding planning is such busy and stressful phase of your big event so you deserve something special after all has been settled. Going for a honeymoon is one of the many goals that you should accomplish after tying the knot. The usual choice is going on a beach trip, but there’s more to honeymoon than sunbathing in the beach.

If you are excited to set out to the world and do some things for your honeymoon, here are some of the things that you should try:

Honeymoon through environmental volunteering

If you wanted to cross out the checklist of doing good for humanity or the environment, why not choose an environmental volunteering during your honeymoon. Nowadays, modern couples are looking forward for something new and helpful during their honeymoon period. One of the many things that you can do is immersion with the community or help with a conservation project. For more information about this honeymoon activity, you can always check Nature Org and Visit Org for conservation projects and community immersions.

Honeymoon using microlight flight

Do you love aviation? If yes then this is a perfect honeymoon activity that you should try. This activity is the fusion of moped and paraglider. This will give you and your partner a chance to have an amazing view of the local area from up above. Although this is a new idea for a honeymoon activity, thousands of couples from all over the states are booking for this trip. Microlight flights are perfect for locations like Costa Rican coastline, Victoria Falls, South Africa and many others.  

Tandem kayaking in your honeymoon

As long as there is water, you can do kayaking. The activity does not really need to be so extreme unless you are open in the idea of run-of-the-mill kayaking. You can always pick a secluded beach wherein you can do paddling; up the river branch kayaking is also perfect for a romantic honeymoon. Whether it’s open water or quiet one, the activity is magical and relaxing. When you do a kayaking activity, there are a lot of chances for picnic offshore.   

According to studies, modern couples are more open in doing adrenaline pumping activities during honeymoon period. If you are one of them then go ahead and book one of the activities mentioned above. Doing something fun and exciting together will strengthen your bond and relationship with each other. There are dozens of adventures waiting for you out there, so see the world!

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