3, June 2014

How to Plan a Romantic Wedding Waltz Dance Style in Houston, Texas

Carefully Plan your Dance Number

All of us have seen it. The bride and the grooms first dance! First, the DJ announced it, then the bride and the groom shuffled on to the center of the dance floor and all the guest’s eyes are all on to the couple. What a romantic scene to behold.

If you want to make sure that your first dance will be successful, you need to learn the wedding waltz dance style in Houston, Texas. Remember that your first dance will be the time for you to be on the spotlight and your chance to impress your guests. So to avoid dancefloor disaster, plan your first dance properly.

wedding dance 3Basically, there are three stages that you need to prepare for your wedding waltz dance. Here are tips on how to make sure that every stage is carefully planned and executed.

Stage 1. The first stage is entering the dance floor. To have an easy entrance, give your official MC or DJ a written speech that will signal the start of the dance number. He or she will announce, clear the floor and keep it clear for the rest of the program. Moreover, have the cake cut before you announce the start of the wedding dance. This way, everybody’s attention will be only to you.

Stage 2. The performance of the wedding waltz dance style in Houston, Texas. Your first dance is something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Unlike the wedding decorations, the food and the flowers, the bridal dance is remembered because everybody’s attention is all set on the couple the moment they start to dance. Thus if you want to make sure that your guests will not be disappointed by your dance, hire the services of a professional dance instructor.

Stage 3. The third and last stage is ending your dance in style. You can do this by having a choreographed dance routine for your ending. Actually, you don’t have to dance the entire song. You may dance for about 3 minutes and ask in advance your wedding DJ to fade away the music. After that, you can invite all your guests to join the dance floor.

Whether it is Houston salsa lessons or not for as long as you are willing to learn, you can be able to learn a dance before your event.

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