15, June 2015

Refreshing Flavors for Wedding Cupcakes in Houston, TX

Must Have Bridal Cupcake Flavors

If there is a clever and cost efficient way of diverting away from the wedding cake on your special event, it is the cupcakes. When it comes to taste and aesthetics, wedding cupcakes in Houston, TX are just the smaller versions of your humongous cakes. In short, there is nothing much of a difference except for the size, check this out https://store.3brothersbakery.com/Cupcakes-C19.aspx.

Impress the honchos attending your wedding event by serving them the following flavors of cupcakes:

Wedding CupcakesPeach bellini cupcake

Give your guests something that will tickle their alcoholic side by serving cupcakes with a percentage of peach bellini on it. Peach bellini is a type of sparky wine made from peaches and Prosecco. The jarred peaches included on its flavor makes the cupcake unique. Top it with a frosting composed of sugar, butter and vanilla.

Shark bite cupcake

This dessert is best served if your wedding theme is related to beach wedding. The presentation is only simple as the cupcake base is white; it is topped with vanilla buttercream swirl with a blue fin made of gum paste. The overall look is simple yet fun.

Coconut nest cupcake

Usually, this is served during Easter celebration but it is also a perfect selection for a wedding event. The topper is really stunning as it is made of toasted coconut nest plus pastel robin eggs. This cupcake is really aesthetically beautiful and perfect for bridal table decorations.

Margarita cupcake

The white cupcake is really elegant and simple yet the inside is loaded with alcoholic spirit. It is designed with white butter cream swirl and a slice of lemon on top.

The flavors of wedding cupcakes in Houston, TX that are mentioned above are among the many leading flavors that you can find in the bridal market nowadays that you need in your wedding. Don’t forget to plan out for the flavor and design of your cupcakes before signing the contract with the dessert maker.

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