14, April 2016

Signs that Houston, TX Crawfish Wedding Catering is Safe

Hiring a Safe Food Caterer

Dealing with Crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX means you should be getting safe food to it. Aside from presentable and tasty selections, your wedding guests deserve something healthy and safe to eat. If these details are missed then the caterer you hired is a big failure.

So, how do you assess if the caterer you are hiring is safe or not? There are some guidelines set by the FDA including where to eat Crawfish in Houston. For your information, here they are in no particular order:

Food safety certification. Every wedding caterer should always have this type of certification. This will ensure that the food has been tested to be safe. There are so many high risks food being served by other caterers out there. If you are not careful, the wedding reception will be at risk too. As much as possible, the food caterer or provider should be following the HAACP or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point guidelines in line with food safety.

Standard food sanitation. When it comes to sanitary preparation, the wedding catering process is no different from fast food chains and restaurants. The staffs including the chefs should be able to follow regular procedures like hand washing, usage of gloves and many more. By following this standard, you can be able to avoid food contamination. You don’t want to see unwanted things like fingernails or hair on your food right?     

Safe food transport. If your food will be delivered on the reception location, it means that there is the need for sanitary transport. Too hot or too cold temperature can easily ruin the food. According to experts, the caterer that you should hire must be well reputed when it comes to food transport. There are cases wherein food deliveries result to food poisoning due to temperature change and contamination. Most of all, you should check ahead of the caterers have safe containers to secure the food menus while on the move.

Staff training. As a customer, you will feel confident if you know that most of the staffs of a certain catering company are well trained and seasoned. Wedding catering is not an easy thing to do since food can go sour anytime and result to food poisoning. With well trained staffs, the preparation, transport and presentation will surely be world class.

If you are working with the professionals of Crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX, food safety is something that you should worry about. Make it as a habit that if you hire a caterer you should look at the track record, customer reviews, food selections and many more. There are so many things that you can go wrong with a catering service and food safety should not be on the list.

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