13, May 2015

Stainless Steel Ring Bands for Engagement Rings in Long Island, NY

Why Opt for Stainless Steel Rings

engagement ringsPlatinum and gold are the most popular choice of ring bands for engagement ring in Long Island, NY. However, another metal band is becoming a popular choice. This is called the stainless steel. Yes, the “stainless steel”. This metal was originally used for industrial purposes and household objects. Because of its silvery finish and bright appearance, this has become a metal of choice for jewelry too. Why do more and more people opt for stainless steel metal? Here are the reasons why.


Stainless metals are usually used for industrial purposes such as building frames and building foundations. This is also used in aviation and other industry that needs a strong metal with resistance to corrosion. This fact that it is used in heavy metal industry signifies its strong characteristics. Its resistance to scratching and corrosion makes it an ideal band choice for engagement rings in Long ISland, NY. Its strong resistance allows jewelry makers to create attractive designs and etchings that would survive the test of time. This metal does not easily warp or loses its details from scrapes.


A jewelry that never needs polishing and buffing means that the metal is of good quality. Stainless steel metals are excellent tarnish resistant. This makes it ideal for engagement rings and other jewelries. If it’s etched with intricate details, it may need cleaning but it never needs buffing. This metal is perfect for everyday use without the worry that it may look dull or it may tarnish. Jewelries made from stainless steel metals can retain its brand new look even after long period of storage.


This metal is made from chromium which creates a protective layer of chromium oxide that prevents it from rusting which usually occurs in iron metals. It is less reactive on most chemicals, making it ideal for those with sensitive skins but doesn’t want to compromise their sense of fashion. This is also applicable for wedding bands.


This metal is a lot cheaper than gold and platinum. You get a durable ring band that could last a lifetime and won’t tarnish in a low price range. It also is low maintenance. This is perfect for those who wants to save for an engagement ring but gets more than what they paid for.

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