9, June 2014

Steps in Making Colorful Wedding Flower Arrangements in Las Vegas

Elegant Wedding Flowers in Las Vegas

You are free to choose whatever color of flowers you want to have for your wedding day. The traditional choice of wedding is white.  On the other hand, there are a lot of wedding flowers that are used today. Red roses and calla lilies are popular for evening weddings.  Some brides choose to have colorful wedding flowers arrangements in Las Vegas that match their bridesmaid dresses or their wedding colors. Some bride can choose any color for her ribbons. The bouquet ribbon can also match the flowers themselves.

Colorful wedding flowers arrangements in Las Vegas can give you a variety of color. In the bouquet, choose a ribbon that matches any of the flowers. Always purchase more flowers than you think you will need. Fresh flowers may inspire new ideas.

How to make your own wedding bouquet:


Step 1
Remove the flowers from their package. Disregard any flowers that are damaged or discolored. Use a clean a pair of scissor to cut off the leaves on the stems at the base. You can use any flowers for your Colorful wedding flowers arrangements in Las Vegas.

Step 2
Hold the flowers on their stems just below the head. The largest blossoms look best in the center of the bouquet.

Step 3
Finish the flower bouquet with an outer ring. You can use either large or small leaves which give the bouquet a rustic look. Attach any cascading flowers to the front of the bouquet.

Step 4
Wrap the flowers using tape around the stems. You can use spiral tape around the stems until you reach a point above the ends of the stems.

Step 5
Wrap the ribbon around the flowers. Secure the end of the ribbon with crystal pin inserted in to stems.

Step 6
Using hairspray, you need to spray the flower heads. After which, you can let them dry. Find a vase and fill with enough water until the stem is covered.

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