26, October 2015

The Trends in Wedding Fashion for Grooms and Groomsmen

Wedding Trends for Grooms

groomThere are a lot of styles and designs out there today for wedding dresses. When women start shopping for their gowns, you will less likely hear from men about what they want to wear. So as for them not to feel left out, both men and women must know the trends for grooms and groomsmen. The black, white or grey suits are the classic, but you should know that you could play with the suits or tuxedos you wear.

Men are free to express their unique styles and what they wear must also reflect their personalities. Typically, the brides-to-be dictate what men must wear for the wedding. Grooms-to-be should join their partners in showing off their wedding day style. To help you find inspiration, here are the top trends in fashion for grooms and groomsmen.

Mismatched – it has been a long trend for the brides and her bridesmaids to wear mismatched wedding dresses. It was only later on when men finally observed the same style. For all reasons, mismatched suits or tux for grooms and his groomsmen works well. It is a sanity saver but it is also cost effective for the grooms’ groomsmen because they can wear the suits they already have, regardless of the color theme. Aside from mismatched suit colors, they can wear different styles of suits in contrasting shades.

Casual – the same rule applies for the groom and his groomsmen for the wedding, look and feel like the best version of you. There is no strict rule that you need to wear a suit or tux for the wedding. If you are not a fan of long-sleeve suits, you don’t need to on your wedding. You can always go with the smart casual style outfit. Wear your favorite jeans and pair it with a casual jacket. Your groomsmen can wear similar outfit in different colors.

English Gentlemen – this is a casual look but with timeless elegance. Whether you are indeed an Englishman or having a destination wedding in an English country, the tweeds, plaids and herringbones paisleys are perfect additions to your outfit. Grey is the general color for English outfits, but the groomsmen can choose other color to keep him standout.

Colored suits or tux are the best way for grooms and his groomsmen to express their personalities and individualities. Not only brides and their bridesmaids could get to wear pastel dresses, because groomsmen are free to wear pastel colored suits. Don’t just limit yourself from wearing a pastel blue suit, because you can also wear pastel ties, socks and pockerchiefs, but it takes a brave man to wear one.

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