11, April 2014

Top Museums in San Diego CA That Are Good for Wedding Photography

San Diego Wedding Photography Ideas

wedding photographyWhen it comes to bits of historical facts and fragments, nothing can beat the power of museums and wedding photographers in San Diego California know that by heart. But the question is, can we use museums to be part of our wedding photography? The answer is a big yes. If you want to add memorable events in your wedding photography, museums should top your list. Museums are the best places to take wedding pictures San Diego, CA because you will be guaranteed of the best setting. Your photo shoot setting will be surrounded by rich artworks, architecture, artifacts other form of collections all over the world.

Here are some of the top choices when it comes to wedding museums in the San Diego:

Romantic place
Hotel del Coronado is one of the most romantic historical places here in San Diego. The first wedding hosted in this hotel was in 1887. The place also houses the historical chandeliers inside Crown Room that were designed by Frank Baum, the author of Wizard of Oz. You will never regret this place because it also highlights the waterfront which you could take sunrise and sunset photos. It is a rare occasion to have photo shoots in this Victorian inspired place.

Something military
The USS Midway Museum highlights historic carrier that is being stationed now in the bay of San Diego. If you are to have wedding photography here, the grand flight deck of the carrier will be the best place. This is an exciting way of taking your wedding shots because not all couples have the opportunity to take picture in this stunning old carrier. The place also offers tour and fireworks display.

100 year old mansion
Can you imagine having photographs in a place that is already 100 year old? Marston House is a residential building turned into museum which is already hundred years of age. The mansion could be a great wedding photography place because it houses lawn measuring about 5 acres. Its canyon garden could also be a great place to capture vintage photos. You can also have your reception in this place if you like

When it comes to best wedding photographer in San Diego knowing old, interesting, well design, and beauty full places is what makes a difference among them. Make sure that you check other museums too as they are great as well.

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