30, June 2014

Types of Fleet That You Can Avail When Talking to a Great Limo Service in Miami FL

Variety of Limo Vehicles

A great limo service in Miami FL is not only boasting its good customer service, which of course the customers are really fond of. You can tell that the service is great as provided by a certain company if you have positive reviews. But these positive reviews are not just that. It is just an icing to the cake. What makes a certain Miami limousine service provider famous and well reputed are the car and vehicle it offers.

wedding transportationWhether you will be choosing standard car or a limo, it needs to be new or a state of the art car in terms of quality especially in your wedding day. The condition of the car is defining its safety aside from the driver’s skills.

Here are the cars that will surely make your ride enjoyable:

Chrysler 300
This is good if you are traveling alone for business. This car is 3 seater and can accommodate three people at the same time. You will get a good leather interior plus very extensive leg room.

Cadillac Escalade ESV and Chevy Suburban LT
If you are looking at 5 to 7 passengers, these cars could be your travel buddy. You will have plenty room including your luggage plus a very luxurious interior made of leather.

Mercedes Sprinter and Ford F350
These cars could accommodate 10 to 14 people at the same time. You will have luggage room and leather interior. You can listen to DVD and watch videos while the car is on the move.

Chrysler C 300 Limo
Talking about definition of luxury, this car defines it. It could comfortably seat 10 passengers plus you can have fun with its Lamborghini front doors. Its leather interior is great as well. You can even choose the kind of song to play while riding the limo.

A great limo service in Miami FL will always surprise and amaze the guests. With these types of car fleet above, you can tell that the company is really sincere in making the service convenient and comfortable. The next time you hire a limo provider for your corporate or non-corporate event, choose these cars as they are the standard of excellence.

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