22, January 2016

Who Are Included During the Bride’s Family Photography – Answers from Houston, TX Wedding Photographers

Bride’s Family Portraits

Taking a picture is a must for all weddings. Even if there is no videographer, as long as there is a camera that can take pictures all throughout the wedding, it is considered enough for simple weddings. The wedding pictures should include the bride and the groom, but also their family and friends. The newlywed won’t be able to witness everyone’s reaction while they were exchanging their vows. So the captured photos can definitely give them the idea on who was touched, smiled and cried during the event.

PhotographerThe bride’s family photography in Houston, TX is considered one of the important parts for the wedding album. Since it is the bride’s big day, it is just right to have her parents and siblings with her. It is quite challenging for wedding photographers to capture wedding photos of the bride including her family. It is common that some family members hesitate to pose in front of the camera. On the other hand, this could cause a delay on the photographer’s part and to the wedding program. So the bride and the groom should be aware of who are the people to call out during the Houston family photographers.

The bride’s family photography is often done right after the ceremony. Once they are done, they can proceed at the reception and start to host the reception instantly. Here is a guide on the typical order observed by wedding photographers for bride’s family photography.

  1. Starting with the large group, the couple will be joined by the bride’s parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses and children. It is a good idea to start with the large group first so you won’t have to call them out later, especially when they get bored of waiting.
  2. After everyone has left the stage or altar, the bride’s parents must stay behind for photos. If the grandparents are still alive, they should go first before the bride’s parents.
  3. The siblings will then join the newlyweds, but the bride’s parents and grandparents should now be off the lens.
  4. Next is for the bride’s turn to have her family photo with her parents, grandparents and siblings. This could be done before the wedding commences or right after the wedding.
  5. The bride’s grandparents can have their photo together, followed by the parents, and then the siblings.
  6. You can also have a separate wedding photo with the bride’s mother and the father. As long as you check your available time, this isn’t a bad idea.

During bride’s family photography in Houston, TX, the newlyweds, especially the bride, must be aware to allot enough time for each grouping. At least five minutes should be enough to fit everyone and everything with less stress.

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