14, October 2017

Yachts As Your Unconventional Yet Beautiful Clearwater, FL Wedding Venues

Planning Your Wedding in a Yacht

If you are planning about a budget wedding, surely a yacht venue is not an option. However, if you have a luxury event in mind then this type of wedding venue is a perfect idea especially hear in Clearwater, FL. Florida has beautiful stretch of coastlines so having your wedding in a yacht is just perfect. Of all the wedding venues that you should check, this is one of the top luxury options.

Challenges in planning this type of wedding venue

According to experts, one of the challenges here is loading the things that you need in the venue. You are dealing with a huge boat so there is the need for it to be decked in a private marina. Another thing that you need to bear in mind is the weight capacity of the boat. In short, if you have so many facilities to be used then you will need a bigger boat as well. The same principle applies when you have invited many guests in the yacht wedding.

Studying the yacht’s space and capacity

Obviously, you are going to use the biggest deck of the boat for the reception. However, do not be surprised that it is not big enough for everyone. It is essential that you do not miscalculate the ratio of your guest number and the space capacity. If you commit miscalculation then it is sure that most of your guests will feel uncomfortable due to the lack of space.

Before you book a yacht, make sure that you study its space. The last thing you want is being disappointed of your choice. Please bear in mind that this is not a usual reception hall that you can see in hotels and other on land venues; this is a boat so you need to make use of the available space as possible. Moreover, there is the need to limit the amount of decors, chair and tables to be boarded on the boat so you’ll have more space left.

Think of your food service

Most yacht weddings have two setups. The first one is a sit down food service wherein the guests are being served with different types of dishes. This option is perfect if you only have limited number of guests. Setting up a sit down food service in a yacht is really tricky so you need to hire caterers that have real experience in handling this type of situation.

The second type of setup is buffet food service. In here, you need to pay large number of wedding guests. To make your buffet set up more organized, guests should be fed per batch so that everyone will equally experience all the main dishes, sides and even sauces.

If you want your wedding to be really unforgettable, make sure that you try reception in a yacht. Of all the venues that you can think of here in Clearwater, FL, this one is different because you will have a beautiful view of the whole coastline while you are in the middle of the bay. To know more about this setup, please contact wedding yacht owners in the area. Even though you’ve heard this many times, you still want to explore this further. Obviously because of the abundance of information on this topic. However, finding high quality material is not so easy. Further information about this topic, read this.